Guide: Lightning Routing Node #2

In the following guide I will show you how to make your Lightning node a proper routing node and how to earn some sats with your channels. Among other things, I explain how to find good peers, set my transaction fees, and secure my node. If Lightning is the future of Bitcoin, it should be beneficial to build a good routing node as early as possible to benefit from that reputation later

This guide builds on our first guide.

The topics covered in this guide:

  • Risks of a routing node
    • Hotwallet
    • Viruses
    • Damage
    • Bugs / Exploits
  • Basic understanding
  • Routing Nodes
    • Capacity
    • Number of channels
    • Good channel partners
    • Uptime
    • Transaction fees
      • charge-lnd
      • loop
    • Rebalancing
  • Security & Backup
    • SCB
    • Watchtower
    • Raid-1
    • SSD vs HDD
    • UPS
    • Webservices
    • 2FA SSH
    • SSH over Tor
    • Anchor channels
    • Circuit Breaker

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